ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Passive design promoting wellbeing, comfort energy-efficiency + climate resilience

RESEARCH: Lecturing means means we're constantly learning. We bring leading edge thinking to our work. 

COLLABORATION: We're involved in promoting conscientious environmental design amongst new generation architects

COMFORT AND WELLBEING: Home should be beautiful and comfortable. A home that is full if natural light, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, is the kind of thing we try to create.

PERFORMANCE: We design to improve energy-efficiency with naturally available resources to help minimise the need for expensive add-ons. 

LOW IMPACT: We like to help you to lower your carbon footprint by selecting reclaimed and-or natural materials and by enhancing biodiversity.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We support Ecologi by planting 12 trees each month in a little forest. We also donate £75 from each project to Shelter